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Our values are what gives us the ability to be consistently successful in our approach in helping our clients scale and tackle the day-to-day challenges they face.  

Our Technology Last Approach

Solving real problems first, instead of searching for problems to fit our solutions.

Protecting what is important, creating a safe space to explore.
Breaking away from tradition while focusing on core values.
Providing the tools required to explore potential growth and opportunity
Unveiling Extraordinary Milestones

Marking a Path Filled with Distinguished Successes and Notable Achievements

Complete Projects
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Our Team Members

Despite being a small business, we take pride in tackling some of the industry's largest and most complex projects.

Christopher Donaleski
Founder / Co-Owner

Optimizing success to shape infinite possibilities.

Rachel Donaleski
Office Manager / Executive Team

Empowering our team to redefine the boundaries of customer service.

About the Founder

Growing up in Texas, Christopher was profoundly shaped by principles of hard work, critical thinking, and efficiency—key attributes that have underpinned his professional journey. His career is built on a foundation of almost twenty years of entrepreneurial experience and a family tradition of business ownership, allowing him to leave a significant mark in diverse industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, and business services. At the forefront of his achievements is Lionsoft Media Group, instrumental in advancing his business interests and in bolstering the growth and success of an array of local and national brands.

In addition to Lionsoft Media Group, Christopher founded AI Advisory Group, a venture dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving quality at scale and leaving a lasting legacy. This initiative underscores his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to drive efficiency and innovation.

Christopher's expertise isn't limited to his entrepreneurial efforts; his contributions to leading global organizations have led to considerable cost savings and the generation of new revenue streams, totaling tens of millions of dollars. His approach to aiding small businesses draws from his broad cross-industry experience and a knack for innovative problem-solving. Through his mentorship, Christopher empowers leaders to navigate complex challenges, seize unique opportunities, and foster an environment conducive to growth, learning, and profound transformation.

Voices of Success

Compelling Testimonials Highlighting the Exceptional Experiences and Outstanding Outcomes Achieved by Our Clients

We have been with Lionsoft for over 8 years. We throw a lot of curve balls at them and the somehow hit them out of the park every time. Chris takes the time to understand why we are doing this, and for that, we trust them as an extension of our business.

Phyllis Stegen
Solid Rock Ranch

Lionsoft Media Group has been instrumental in the growth of our business. Their 24/7 help desk support, compliance expertise and overall efforts to continually improve our processes have been key to our success.

Craig Price
Owner at Waypoint

We met with LSMG and knew they would be a great partner. They have a no BS approach that I can respect. We have gained value on day one, and so much more since.

Eric Wolter
Founder /Investor

This was an easy decision. We worked with Chris on other projects and knew when we needed a technology partner, that we would be using Lionsoft Media Group.

Kassandra Owens
President of Blue Raven HR

I love that they have a process for everything. This takes the guess work out of decision making and we can feel comfortable that we are on the right track.

Jess Maloney
Woodforest Earth Works

We have had to rely on LSMG more than we probably would like to admit to. They have always been there for us and always go the extra mile.

Michael Harris

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